Unlike flying with the commercial airlines, jet charter clients travel anywhere, anytime on their choice of over 2000 world class private jets. Clients NEVER wait in long airport security lines or busy commercial terminals. Discover why BlackRock Global Services has been connecting more and more discerning travelers with the ultimate in private charter service.

We understand that truly luxurious travel is carefree travel, a sense of ease and plenty of pampering. To create the ultimate jet charter experience, we connect you with personal flight consultants who deliver truly excellent service standards. Every step of the way, from the moment you begin planning your flight through your stay at one of over 5000 destinations served by BlackRock Global Services charter companies.

This speedy light corporate jet is ideal for interstate & short international charters. It has a cruise speed of 630km/h & a range up to 1200km.
Capable of carrying up to eight passengers in VIP comfort, the Citation II provides the best balance of executive luxury and cost-effectiveness.
Bombardier designed the original Challenger 601 with the primary goal of passenger comfort. It is unusually wide-bodied and can carry up to nineteen passengers, yet it has transcontinental range, and is able to complete nonstop flights between almost any two cities in the United States.
The Challenger 604 is a stunning corporate jet with all the modern facilities. This aircraft can take up to 10 passengers in luxurious comfort & style. It has a cruise speed of 880km/h & a range of 7550km.
When the Gulfstream II private jet was first released it set new industry standards in speed, performance, and comfort. Now, the Gulfstream II is still a leader in its class and as fabulous and as it ever was.
It can fly 4,600 miles (4,000 nautical miles) at a speed of .84 Mach carrying 8 passengers or fly 4,140 miles (3,600 nautical miles) at the same speed with twice as many passengers.
The Gulfstream IV offers significant operational flexibility and sophisticated comfort. This aircraft is ideal for long-range flights and will accommodate up to 11 passengers in exceptional comfort. The GIV has a enviable reputation as a quality, high performance, intercontinental corporate jet.
The Gulfstream V arrived as the first true long-range business jet with the most dramatic demonstration of its market acceptance and value being that a used V increased in price by 18 percent, such that a new V which sold in 2002 for $43.2 million new commanded $45.5 million on the used market.
Living up to its name, the Grand Caravan delivers exceptional performance. In ISA conditions at seal level it climbs at 975 fpm (297 mpm) and cruises at speeds up to 184 knots (341 km/h).
The Hawker 800A is the first of the 800 series private jets by British Aerospace and among the most popular in the industry due to its well-known high performance standards.
The Beechcraft King Air is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft family intended for passenger and cargo transport and special missions introduced by Beech Aircraft Corporation in 1964.
The King Air 200 is a continuation of the King Air line, with new features including the distinctive Tail, more powerful engines, greater wing area and span, increased cabin pressurization, greater fuel capacity and higher operating weights compared to the King Air 100.
One of the world's largest, fastest, best selling and well known series of business jets, the Learjet family began with the original six to eight seat Lear Jet 23 which first flew on October 7 1963.
The popular LearJet 35 is renowned for its speed, versatility and range. It accommodates up to 7 passengers in leather, reclining seats in club configuration.
Learjets led the private aviation industry with performance and innovation, starting with the first Lear 23 in 1963. The Lear 55 model introduced in 1985 incorporates successful elements of former Learjets, in a larger fuselage.
The Learjet 60 was designed to be a private jets that climbs quickly to high cruise levels, has fast cruise speeds, operates economically, and is reliable.
The Legacy 450 was officially launched at EBACE in May 2008. It is designed to carry 7 to 8 passengers over 2,300 nautical miles. The aircraft has full fly-by-wire flight controls, a Collins ProLine Fusion flight deck, Honeywell HF7500 series engines, and a full stand up flat floor cabin.
The Legacy 600 is based on the ERJ 145 model, but includes added range with extra fuel tanks in the tail and forward of the wing, added winglets and an extensive drag reduction. It is certified to 41,000-foot (12,000 m) altitude versus 37,000 feet (11,000 m) for the airline configuration.
It has a capacity for 4 passengers in its normal configuration, but it can carry up to 6-7 passengers with a single crew, optional side facing seat and belted toilet. It has a maximum flying range of 1,178 nautical miles with 4 occupants and NBAA IFR Reserves.

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